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Recent Publications

Here is a few recent publications. The full list of publications is here

L. Boulton, G. Farmakis, B. Pelloni, Beyond periodic revivals for linear dispersive PDEs, in press, Proc. Royal Soc A 477 (2021)

D. Bourne, C.J.Cotter, M.J.P. Cullen, C. Egan, B. Pelloni, S. Roper, M. Wilkinson, A new implementation of the geometric method for solving the Eady slice equations, J Comp Phys, 469 (2022)

L. Boulton,  P.J. Olver, B. Pelloni, D.A. Smith,  New revival phenomena for linear integro-differential equations, Stud Appl Math 147 (2021)

D. Bourne, C. Egan, B. Pelloni and M. Wilkinson,  Semi-discrete optimal transport methods for the semi-geostrophic equations, Calc. Var. PDE 61 (2022)

A.S. Fokas, B. Pelloni, Baoqiang Xia,  Evolution equations on time-dependent intervals, IMA J. Appl Math 84  (2019)

In preparation

L. Boulton, G. Farmakis, B. Pelloni, D.A. Smith, Weak revivals for linear dispersive equations, (2023)

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